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Ukrainian Folk Art and Handicraft

Ukrainian Folk Art and Handicraft Ukrainian folk art, to this day, is an important part of Ukrainian culture and national identity. Many of Ukraine’s artisans still use traditional skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Their handicrafts are widely recognized for intricate detail and design. Distinctive patterns consisting of of...

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Russian Handicraft and Folk Art

Russian Handicraft and Folk Art Some forms of Russian handicraft are well known worldwide, while others are unfamiliar outside of Russia. Every one knows about the famous Matryoshka, or Russian Nesting Doll. Fewer people associate intricately woven lace, hand painted porcelain, wood work, or enamel jewelry with Russian Folk Art.   Below we have descriptions and...

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Traditional Russian and Ukrainian Clothing

Traditional Russian & Ukrainian Clothing Ethnic Russian and Ukrainian clothing is a derivative of both practicality and creativity. Many of the garments associated with Russia and Ukraine were simply founded as the best possible means to stay warm. The fur and sheep skin coat (shuba and dublyonka), warm fur and wool hats (ushanka,papakha and budenovka), as well...

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