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Some of the most remote, untouched ecosystems in the world can be found in Russia and nations of the former Soviet Union. And you don’t even have to travel to far-off nature reserves in the Taiga, Eurasian Steppes, or Russian Far East to get away and enjoy peace and solitude. Sparsely inhabited, eco friendly retreats lie right in Europe’s backyard – in the forests and countryside of Belarus, the Baltic States and Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains. Not much further afield are the wonderfully diverse high-elevation landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains and the boundless forests and blue lakes of Russia’s Karelian region. All of these destinations are just in the early stages of budding ecotourism development. Travelers willing to venture to these less explored destinations will be treated to incredible hospitality, breathtaking nature, and can do so in complete solitude, far from more visited tourist destinations.

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