Trans Siberian Railway

Trans Siberian Railway

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Trans Siberian Railway

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Trans Siberian Line

Although slight variations exist, here is a general itinerary of the Trans Siberian Railway.

  • Moscow (Yaroslavsky Station) 0km, Moscow Time
  • Vladimir 210km, Moscow Time
  • Nizhny Novgorod 461km (6hrs), Moscow Time
  • Kirov 917km, Moscow Time
  • Perm 1,397km (20hrs), MT+2
  • Europe – Asia Boundary 1,777km, MT+2
  • Ekaterinburg 1,778km (1day 2hrs), MT+2
  • Tyumen 2,104km, MT+2
  • Omsk 2,676km (1day 14hrs), MT+3
  • Novosibirsk 3,303km (1day 22hrs), MT+3
  • Krasnoyarsk 4,065km (2days 11hrs), MT+4
  • Taishet (junction with Baikal-Amur Line) 4,483km
  • Irkutsk 5,153km (3days 4hrs), MT+5
  • Ulan-Ude 5,609km (3days 12hrs), MT+5
  • Junction with Trans Mongolian Line 5,622km
  • Chita 6,166km (3days 22hrs) MT+6
  • Tarskaya (junction with Trans Manchurian Line) 6,274km
  • Birobidzhan 8,312km (5days 13hrs)
  • Khabarovsk 8,493km (5days 15hrs), MT+7
  • Ussuriysk (junction with line to North Korea) 9,147km
  • Vladivostok 9,288km (6days 4hrs), MT+7

Trans Mongolian Line

The Trans Mongolian Line follows the same route as the Trans Siberian Line, before it branches off just after Ulan-Ude.

  • Junction with Trans Siberian Line 5,622km
  • Naushki (Russian border town) 5,895km, MT+5
  • Russian – Mongolian border 5,900km, MT+5
  • Suhbaatar (Mongolian border town) 5,921km, MT+5
  • Ulaan-Baatar (Mongolian capital) 6,304km, MT+5
  • Zamiin Uud (Mongolian border town) 7,013km, MT+5
  • Erlian (Chinese border town) 842km from Beijing, MT+5
  • Datong 371km from Beijing, MT+5
  • Beijing MT+5

Trans Manchurian Line

The Trans Manchurian Line follows the same route as the Trans Siberian Line, before it branches off at Tarskaya (just over 100km south east of Chita).

  • Tarskaya (junction with Trans Siberian Line) 6,274km
  • Zabaikalsk (Russian border town) 6,626km
  • Manzhouli (Chinese border town) 6,638km
  • Harbin 7,573km
  • Changchun 7,820km from Moscow
  • Beijing 8,961km (express train takes just over 6days)


Video of the Trans Siberian Railway
Moscow to Irkutsk


Trans Siberian Railway via Trans Mongolian Line
Beijing to Irkutsk


Trans Siberian Railway via Trans Manchurian Line
pre-Irkutsk to Beijing

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