Kiev Totem Dance School

Kiev Totem Dance School

The school of modern dance for all ages and nationalities invites you in Ukraine to try something new. If you are creative and energetic here is the place where you’ll find yourself!

Atmosphere of comfort and a large number of like-minded people, a lot of dance and various body practices will give you a lot of emotions. TDS invites people from all over Ukraine and not only. Everyone who is ready and wants to work on themselves will find a place here.

Totem Dance school (TDS) was created in 2010 in Kiev.  It consists of two branches and specializes strictly on the modern dance and disciplines closely related to it.

Teachers of this school stick to the European and author’s methodologies, they have clear and precise structure of training, and every group has its own training program.

TDS provides such styles of dance:

  • Jazz-modern
  • Contemporary dance
  • Broadway
  • Laboratory (creation of unique dance miniatures and performances)

For more information about the school visit the website: Totem Dance Group